raku ‘KISS’

Occam’s razor, also known as Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS), is a sound principle. Larry says it this way ~ “make the easy things easy and the hard things possible”.


The raku community is a set of (deep) experts (yes, really) – who are intent on the hard things:

Me, I learnt raku after 4 years of perl and 10 years of not coding. So, my reboot was from (nearly) scratch and Think Raku was my guide.

I get the feeling that sometimes we forget all the easy stuff it can do….

SO… let’s just take a breath and remember that, if you want, raku is easy-peasy.

SO… to demonstrate this, I went to raku-Physics-Measure-Jupyter and clicked the Binder link. Binder is a really easy, on demand place where Python and Raku coders can host and share Jupyter notebooks. Jupyter is a really easy, live notebook for Python and Raku coders to dabble and test their ideas.

Well, I could spell out the details here. But I prefer to let the code speak for itself.

And here’s the result:



PS. Comments/feedback welcome.



  1. This paining looks better over a dodecahedron : https://imgur.com/TaHAHUz .


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