Mind the gap

Observant readers looking at the dateline on the left will have noticed a gap of nearly two years between my last blog and today. As a fascinated programming hobbyist, I have only limited time in the day to devote to coding – and a startup venture put the brakes on anything but the day job for a while.

In the meantime, I have had to choose between coding and blogging – and while the ideas have been flowing ahead, I am quite keen on the idea that ‘actions speak louder than words’.

The actions have covered:

  • learning baby perl6 (highly recommend Think Perl6 by Laurent Rosenfeld)
  • learning perl6 OO
  • learning perl6 Grammars
  • learning about Unit systems
  • writing Physics::Measure v0.0.1
  • figuring out the point of it all
  • writing and publishing Math::Polygons
  • asking a bunch of questions under the perl6 tag on Stack Overflow
  • learning a bit more about perl6
  • writing and publishing Physics::Measure v0.0.2 (~2k lines)

So, today, I am delighted to announce the alpha release of Physics::Measure (try zef install https://github.com/p6steve/perl6-Physics-Measure.git@v0.0.2 for now – hopefully zef install Physics::Measure within a day or two).

Hopefully the synopsis at https://github.com/p6steve/perl6-Physics-Measure makes sense. I encourage all feedback with an open mind…

Now back to the blogging!



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