The Laws of Job Hunting

with inspiration from the Laws of Thermodynamics

0. Zeroeth Law: A Numbers Game

Looking for work is a numbers game.

  • 30 Applications ==>
  • 10 First Interviews ==>
  • 3 Second Interviews ==>
  • 1 Offer

1. First Law: It’s Not Personal

You are the salesperson, you are the product. This is a conflict of interest. You must objectify and promote yourself (since everyone else is).

The people who select you are judging you on the basis of a piece of paper, or a zoom call, or a short interview, They don’t know you. They are working to a brief. They are predisposed. They don’t care.

2. Second Law: You Will Fail

When you fail an application, an interview it is not about you. It’s about them.

Request practical feedback – you gave your time to make the application, they owe you. Judge it and apply it as you see fit.

3. Third Law: Finding a Job is a Job

You should be prepared to work a full 40 hour week to prepare and submit all your various applications. Since job seeking is a rather lonely and soul challenging activity, this is not easy.

Authors note: I have done job searches a lot over 40 years – both from the applicant and the employer point of view and thus consider myself well qualified to advise based on my experience.